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if. you. will. the taliban sends a clear message to donald trump in an exclusive interview given to. the us president rethinks his decision to cool off peace talks with its leader this. american t.v. network sues one of the bases top posts for describing them as paid russian propaganda that we look at the track record of the presenter in question when it comes to making claims about the crime that. on the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and flooded putin has just wrapped up talks in the russian resort of sochi that discussed syria iran and security in the middle east among other things .
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this is artsy international 1st this hour the u.s. president should rethink his position towards peace talks with the taliban now is the message the group's leader sent to washington in an exclusive interview given to auntie. but we are still committed to the. policy from this very. solution for one conflict except. peace on the table so. he compared to what we were just. after the fact to give you. a correspondent who was conducting that interview taliban leaders jones being the cd. i would have thought to get an insight into their
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mindset what is it that they want and how do they feel about the fact that talks of falling apart well they certainly want weren't what i expected but you've got to look at this from their perspective just a few days ago they stood on the brink of a breakthrough with regard to the after more of the 19 years of bloodshed they were talking they almost had a deal and then trump decides to call off the negotiations to kill off the negotiations citing an american soldier apparently killed in a taliban released related incident the taliban themselves are blameless either because. they also refused to attend the talks. meeting with trump and in america unless they had a side deal in place with the charges of that was slim to none going in but now we've come to a situation where it's all broken down and things things are looking awful i put it
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to the taliban. how do you expect trump to negotiate with you when you're actively killing his troops as you speak to him. the next day we're going to cancel the service. he mr barak his father is that he says he admitted that he. doesn't other will so if. those of us why we cannot kill one of the other so this is. different i would submit to different people who are 2 different people of modest. different people. the way the taliban sees it is they're defending themselves in of ghana stand in their country against foreign occupation forces against the united states which is which is invaded their country so they say that they won't end the insurgency yet
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they still understand that there is no military solution to this conflict that ultimately they're going to have to sit down and negotiate a peace settlement. no what is imposed on us is american soldiers there and i want to stop it's not i'll admit it or the soldiers are going to need in washington they are never there was what i was but still we. proposed and we were keen to bring peace and i want some through the british and but unfortunately i need to add which we've reached some sort of fidelity when it was cancelled by the american side of science and the last consideration which was which took a list of by. his or her mr dulles are going to some of the characters that have broken such a peace treaty and good terms and the barack obama started it with a broken to be sticky so it will be us rigid we want peace in afghanistan we wanted
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to give a serious message for the foreign troops is to go from on the side so if the other side also. wins this and he also wants the saved it and then what is the what is a imposed on us we have to defend ourselves if the if the american side is not willing to push it and did not want peace on the day it will so all that we would be competitive defend ourselves and whatever could do this program libya's. the decades of fighting i would have guessed they must have had enough of it by now they say they want peace and it must have been difficult to have that taken away when it seemed they were close what do they do next. as he said at the end there and i asked them you know are. you weary of the death and the killing in the bloodshed in the war 2 decades almost and they said no they said. they're ready to fight for 100 years more that they'll continue defending their country they'll continue the insurgency but they understand that that won't end the war the
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united states. of ghana stand just just by military force alone and they understand that a negotiated settlement is the only chance either side has vending this. where there was a discussion on the debate it is very difficult to decide then lifted the. ceasefire between asked in american forces and give a serious message that regular forces. on. the internet are going to shift that was sort. of all of those years of the cease fire. and to progress excuse me and also other. issues to discuss. as i said surprise when i met them not what i expected nevertheless they're still looking for different avenues to. follow through with negotiations russia has been playing host
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to a number of meetings there are also other venues parties around the world that are ready to bring the afghan government the united states and the taliban together to provide a platform for them to talk to each other and hopefully bring about an end to this terrible war that's taken so many lives between the the clips that we showed in your explanation really interesting to get some insights into their mentality appreciate that thank you. moving on senior u.s. journalists are once again fighting over russia one t.v. network is now suing the host of another for describing them as paid russian propaganda the details are easily. here comes a familiar voice which becomes even more familiar if we hear words like russia or russian the most obsequiously approach trump right wing news outlet in america really it literally is page correction propaganda for those who still didn't
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recognize that that was really literally rachel maddow speaking about the one american news network on her and this n.b.c. show i'll get to the point of reminding you how she keeps seeing russia everywhere in a moment but don't you think there must be someone out there who won't just swallow what the m s n b c star anchor says without hitting back with a decent jab well oh a ed is filing a defamation lawsuit they want 10000000 bucks one america is wholly owned operated and financed by the herring family in san diego they are as american as apple pie they are not paid by russia and have nothing to do with the russian government this is a false and malicious libel and they're going to answer for it in a court of law to tell you about the reason for when rachel maddow said really literally which is supposed to mean definitely no doubt shares staff with the
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kremlin that's another thing she said it's just that a one america journalist freelance work for a russian based news agency sputnik she got him busted so bad but as i've said earlier the number of times rachel maddow turned her show into a grand russian paranoia episode is just difficult to carry out. or about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia . is under attack from the president in the presidents republican supporters in congress in the present conservative media supporters and also from the ongoing russian influence operation that is still. all around. what happened if russia killed the power in fargo today what would happen if all the natural gas lines that that service in falls just on the coldest day in recent memory and it wasn't in our power whether or not to turn
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them back on no wonder that when some folks decided to put the m s n b c hosts russia gate obsession into a mathematical perspective they found she spent more time talking about russia than all other topics combined over a certain period. now you know what it takes to become the most watched hosts in all of cable news she got to that milestone last year but one step by step it gets revealed that a lot of what you were saying was just a flow of blah blah you make up to when views the consequences do start haunting you 1st the ratings gradually went down and then the actual conclusions of the pro blood to wet is on air this is what the viewers saw when rachel maddow 1st realized the probe wasn't going the russia gaiters way and so we know the logistics of how we got the notification that it did and obviously right now we have mostly just
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a ton of questions as to what miller's report says how complete it is who gets to see it who gets to decide who gets to see it and when. now here comes the lawsuit the one i mentioned nothing's decided yet but probably even more people will think twice next on the here really literally in that familiar voice. a visit by independent american journalists to syria spoke to outrage from parents of the media and so they traveled to government held areas to assess the country's recovery i spoke with the to journalists. i'm staying in the old city of damascus by the eastern gate bob sharkey and i walked across the street across a highway into a neighborhood about a few 100 meters away that had been controlled for 4 months by jaish al islam the wahhabi militia backed by saudi arabia and met residents who had actually lived under their fear craddick rule who described kidnappings rape of women people being
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executed in the street for violating the theocratic rule and how happy they were to be finally freed from this gang what i was observing was a city and outside of the city that is much much safer since i last was there last and i was in syria was 2 years ago there was still fighting it was still on save there were checkpoints everywhere now that the government has taken back many areas especially around accidents baskets outside of damascus you can travel to the suburbs and beyond the suburbs without going through a 1000000 checkpoints that being worried about being kidnapped or being sniped moreover our life has gone to a reasonable degree back to normal for a lot of people my explain with all the run you cover could we saw the trouble to the capital damascus with the i was speaking to locals and observing syria's recovery from terrorism they say they received no funding from the country's government when those. visits were journalists from c.n.n.
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and the intercept to accuse the couple of whitewashing and government support to some of the reactions this is some goebbels prancing around syrian government luxury tour posting tourist photos near torture centers and look the syrian refugees who can never return to their country with their fish can be tortured to death started to read a certain journalist's thread from inside damascus this am then found myself getting pell potations which progressed into spasms of rage how can anyone be so blindly credulous on the cossack's involved it is such a disgrace. l m a o ronnie and mocks are in damascus neither of them speak arabic yet they claim to be talking to many syrians there why aren't they disclosing who's translating for them and helping them mount. this is to be expected and so they're trying to intimidate americans or europeans and people from the west from coming
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here they're trying to break off cultural exchange between us and average people who just happen to live in the area controlled by the syrian government where most syrians live and what we've been able to see and report already has threatened the narrative that's been conveyed by western corporate media and a pack of kind of dime a dozen correspondents acting as state department i mean i think the people attacking us have an agenda they're either convinced that they're right or they're working on behalf of somebody else or both this isn't something we're we're that's new to us we're used to it i think it's why we can recognize an operation when we see one and this is if it's very quantitative you know these people are talking in some d.m. group and coordinating against us and it's quite obvious and it's not surprising we expected it and i you know i think it's something that happens particularly any time anybody visits a government or the syrian government side. of syria and offers a realistic perspective they can expect to be attacked but more importantly i think
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the reason there are so outraged by me and max is because me and max tend to be quite effective in offering a different perspective and offering a reality on the ground kind of perspective. the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu in the talks in sochi it was a meeting that went on for 3 hours security in the middle east iran and syria were among the topics of the debates rif the notion of reports from sochi. this is their 3rd these here alone and their 13th mission in the last 4 years the agent is in the international leader benjamin netanyahu is not more than any other leader during this time we were invited to film the beginning of their meeting both politicians were smiling while they entered the room and in their welcome speech tuesday both or all very positive about profound deep and good in fact relations between russia
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and israel. but when you look at it i'm not afraid to say that thanks to your reference to a large extent our relations have reached new levels on security issues and military cooperation and we know how important that is especially taking into account the continuing threat from international terrorism. because there are 2 additional factors that play in the celebration of ties between our countries the carefully weighed policies of both of us and a strong connection between us we had a chance to talk to the israeli prime minister as international media adviser and he told us security concerns and discussions about that is the major reason behind this recent visit. to russia especially given he stressed iran's recent activity in syria and in the middle eastern region as a whole and we heard benjamin netanyahu talking about that as well let's take a listen. and i really appreciate what you are saying all these rail safety this is
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manifested at the meetings we've had and with the recent meeting with the defense minister coordination with our military is always a very important especially this time when we see the growing in terms of iran to use the territory of syria to attack us or to place their missiles there. both politicians also mentioned the upcoming israeli elections benjamin netanyahu visits russia while fighting a fierce reelection campaign and many say meeting widely reported. maybe help him get more voters russian speaking for a russian live in israel and some opposition figures even blame him for doing that on purpose that's all for the 1st time that we see him visiting russia had all of the elections in israel but we talked about that with the israeli prime minister is international media adviser and he told us there is no connection between netanyahu visit prime minister is always the security of israel is not
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something which we time according to elections it's something that's ongoing all the time the iranian prisons throughout the middle east is growing they have presence in lebanon and in syria and in iraq causing a lot of instability the idea is basically is to aim most of this aggression towards israel not only towards israel towards other parts of the middle east as well and the prime minister is concerned about. the growing role of the rainy and their. proxies of terrorist proxies throughout the middle east and so the prime minister would like to discuss this with president putin. also because the president and russia have interests in syria and in the middle east and we would like to coordinated in the clashes between israel and and russia well ahead of his meeting with the israeli prime minister vladimir putin was in the russian republic of dagestan marking a key anniversary where militia there managed to repel a terrorist attack today he fulfilled a promise made 20 years ago. was all it.
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did. you know she has the mood is the only i don't think you do but you've. picked up a legitimate you've been given. your blood. you would be able to bust a move is it a little. visit. but do. they do that there should. be a look at a. bike then the republican terrorist incursion from chechnya more than 270 people were killed 800 injured more than 2 and a half 1000 terrorists were eliminated and seen 2 decades have passed since the region was freed by joint civilian the military forces for booted it was finally time to raise a glass. to do so much. because. there
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was. a. top u.s. lawmakers a passed a key vote to define the boundaries of a potential impeachment investigation of donald trump means the committee can designate certain hearings as impeachment hearings and empower staff to question witnesses republican members of the house furiously denounce the move. not even that but when inquiry some in the media is saying it's hard to know what we're doing here and that's exactly what i want to know so hearing about whether or not we have people come give testimony afterwards the president can write us a letter in response this is more about the finding our pen pal strategy for all of us covering this this is not anything special investigation that's already been
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completed moment of hearing a song that was a flop if the majority wants to exercise the house's power of impeachment all you've got to do is ask house to do so impeachment resolution could not pass the full house so this committee is trying to have its cake and eat it too you want to give the illusion of impeachment with the reality of i want to go a long time to be able to say this welcome to fantasy. supporters of the probe hope it will strengthen their chances of gathering evidence against the president on allegations of corruption and obstruction of justice democrats have been sending mixed signals since the special counsel robert miller didn't fund guilty in the open explodes democrats seem to be rolling ahead with their efforts to remove donald trump from office the house judiciary committee called for procedures related to its investigation of the president's wrong doing now for
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a lot of people that seems to put the smell of impeachment into the air their records on the house judiciary committee are expected to vote on expanding the impeachment inquiry into president trump democrats taking formal steps towards impeachment this is it had been in korea in search of something to impeach president trump over so we've got 134 democrats voting to begin an impeachment inquiry but do they really mean it at this point the democrats can't even seem to agree on what's going on with the house judiciary investigation who have been in the midst of an impeachment investigation no we're not in an impeachment investigation. the house is investigating to determine whether or not there should be an impeachment investigation so why might the democrats seem to be a little bit reluctant well in 2020 it's not just the presidential race but there's also some local elections and it seems like impeaching trump isn't the best vote getter polls show that 72 percent of democrats favor impeaching donald trump but
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for the country overall 59 percent oppose now that seems like bad news for the new progressive socialist wing of the democrats that seem to have that their entire house on it remember this we're going to go in there we're going to use the mother from would love it if the different democrats tried to impeach him on this ready controversy at all so i think it would definitely play into trump's hands it will do the democrats very little good in the 2020 alexion and probably will actually wind up backfiring virtually impossible if he could be convicted in the senate and removed from office so it's just a it's a lot of hot air over nothing now the problem for the democrats in removing donald trump is that according to the u.s. constitution once the proceedings begin it would be the u.s. senate that would then vote to convict and remove the president the constitution requires a 2 thirds vote among the senators and the democrats don't come anywhere near that
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so what would the charges be and all the most common answer you'll get is obstruction of justice but there's a little bit of a problem with that we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime so obstructing an investigation into something that you did not do now you could certainly lock up an average joe for that but it's a pretty weak case for driving a president from office some democrats even think that it would be bad for the country to impeach donald trump it's important for us to think about what is in the best interest of the country and the american people and continuing to pursue impeachment is something that i think will only further tear our. part speaker of the house nancy pelosi seems to be pouring cold water on the idea as well but she chooses her words very carefully take a listen when you go down a path like impeachment which is there if i said they could divide the country whatever decision we made in that regard would have to be done with our strongest possible hand the democrats have accused donald trump of being a criminal
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a traitor and a fascist they've got their supporters out for here's what but it looks like if they actually go for it this might backfire in the long term martin are to see new york. dramatic reduction in carbon emissions and more energy from renewable sources that's what i love medical wants for the future she's outlined germany's targets in front of car buses that have major motor show this and yet we must reduce transport produce c o 2 emissions by 40 percent that's now 2030 target. electrum ability though is just as it were a truck for the future because cars will only be genuinely climate friendly once electricity comes from renewable sources but we want 65 percent of our electricity supply to come from renewables by 2030. the chancellor speech came a day after she used a key budget debates to call for more action on climate change some experts warn wall regulation could put europe's biggest economy in reverse gear overseas don't
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cause it takes a look at the gloomy forecast. if there's any country that could be the poster child of a green political agenda it's most certainly germany it's a noble pursuit no doubt but the green vanguard is learning the hard way that everything has a price that's induced is industrialized countries also need to be on the front line in terms of doing something to overcome our carbon footprint and stop changes in the climate reverse the rise in temperature if we push for climate protection it will cost money this money's well spent if we are going or if i think it will cost us more money that's the truth do nothing is no alternative the fact is that we will then pay more when you remove the captains of germany's car industry responded to merkel's request with a resounding yes they unveiled their latest most futuristic electric cars in frankfurt after billions of euros of investment of course perhaps they were trying to take a step towards the flying cars of science fiction at any rate many are saying that
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paying for the future is only leading to the destruction of the present and i can include the green socialist ideology is running our country and taking away any chance we have for the future your so called climate protection is nothing else than a monstrous industrialization program combined with variable job destruction billions to avert imaginary doomsdays in the distant future we're not just hearing this kind of talk from politicians though a new report says that renewables are threatening shortages in germany's energy supply and the country hasn't even come close to its energy transition goals germany is missing most of its self-imposed targets for the energy transition by 2020 at the same time energy supply security is being jeopardized in the medium term by the decision to phase out nuclear and coal emissions germany's over reliance on wind and solar energy has created a big deficit at times of little wind or sun the government has imported energy
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from neighboring countries to avoid blackouts and just to balance 2900 entered. budget germany had to foot a bill that skyrocketed to $38000.00 euros for a megawatt of power per hour as compared to just $64.00 euros in 2017 not to mention that every day germans pay the highest energy prices in all of europe we have to highest energy costs in the world the price for energy is the highest in the world because of this change of to supply system a situation is very ridiculous i mean they made a big fos last year for $2200.00 hectares of forest for a coal mine at the same time they're cutting thousands of hectares of forest for wind males killing hundreds thousands of animals i mean this is no green policy i mean right now the situation what we have in germany is that the green party started as an environmental party but now they change. their climate used climate
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paranoia party which sacrifice everything for the climate situation and you know it doesn't matter human beings nature animal it's no losses are all losses are justified this energy crisis may have germany teetering on the brink of recession and to stay afloat it's going to need that world renowned powerhouse of an auto industry it's built instead carmakers are being pressured to produce expensive electric cars that don't even sell that well volkswagen chief already warned that perhaps this is all going to for the current campaign against individual mobility and conventional cars is reaching a threatening level instead of using petrol or diesel will basically use coal even if we're literally powered and in the worst case we'll even use lead night that thinks their idea of electric mobility to absurdity nevertheless environmental organizations are marching en masse on saturday joining them will be a brigade of cyclists calling for an end to the combustion engine hopefully it
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won't translate to an end to the german economy germany was a very. safe on energy supply and everything everybody's used to energy is always available but with getting more and more of it mails into the into the system the system gets more and more in stable and we have seen in the last month several times that a collapse of energy supply system we passed by only very slightly governmental policy in germany is destructing our debate but one of our industry which is the car industry of course from germany and for example works they announced already beginning of this year that they want to get a good reuse 20000 people just because of the mobility only in germany it's a big economic game for all competitors i mean plants are closing down here in germany because of their regulations and reopen inch.


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